Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thought for the Day - How to Add Excitement To What You Are Doing

To enjoy whatever you are doing, even if it the most boring job in the world, add some spice to it. What I mean is that you add some drama to the job by putting in some conflict - the pressure of time, of compressed work, of quality work. Add an element of competition into it  - you versus someone else, or even you versus you. Then see how it all comes alive.

For example, while walking in the park on my normal days I tend to slow up and saunter when I have no challenge. But the day I decided to add some spice and beat all the other walkers gave my entire walking exercise a greater purpose. I walked briskly, kept new targets to beat each time, and overall picked up speed and coordination in my walk. All thoughts were on my walk, on how to move faster to my next target and on nothing else. The end result was a far more focused job done and a far more better executed job in terms of exercise than merely sauntering along.

To love your job, add excitement to it. To add excitement to it, add challenge.


Rajendra said...

Challenge Ramudu was about this? Just kidding...a non-competitive way to add excitement to life is to blog! You can take off on anything that pleases you..potential arrests can also add to the excitement!

Harimohan said...

Yes Raj, Challenge Ramudu would have approved of blogging and would have probably made a fine blogger too. And with blogging, potential arrests are also on the cards (though I think that the focus seems to be on social network sites). But blogging is itself a challenge as you have to post stuff and take responsibility for it.