Monday, August 27, 2012

Unstoppable - Movie Review

The thing with these movies is that they hook you and drag you into it. I was watching something else on television and switched on the Movies channel and hit 'Unstoppable' sometime after it had started. I saw Denzel Washington as a train driver and his conductor in a train. In seconds the story wrapped itself around me. Tough similar to 'Speed' and the 'Runaway Train' and the 'Die Hard' type movies, it still gripped me until the end as two trains rush into one another on a collision course - one unmanned and with deadly chemicals (why was it unmanned?) and the other with Denzel Washington and the other young man.

The collision is averted but that's only half the story. So Denzel Washington reverses and follows the runaway train and the duo finally stop it. Great action but the end was a huge let down. The conductor actually jumps into a car which races the train and gets him back on the train again and he brakes it down. I mean, if that was so simple why did they not do it before? Just chase the train in a car and get on it.

But anyway, not to ask such questions after such a hectic chase and heroics. I enjoyed it all. Only wish they had a better ending. Watch it if you are in the mood for some total time pass action. Guaranteed time pass. Loved even those corny shots of people clapping for the two 'railroad employees' who are risking their lives to save this disaster and other such contrived scenes! (And I also just came to know that it was directed by Tony Scott who committed suicide recently. It was his last finished film. I loved Scott's 'Top Gun' immensely and for years (still do) get a high when I listen to Kenny Loggins 'Danger Zone' from that movie. We'll miss you Scott.)


Madhav said...

Ah' you should have watched the whole movie. Then you'd understand why the train was un-manned and why you could not just jump into it and stop it.

Harimohan said...

Really? I think I will watch it again then. I quite liked the action.