Friday, August 17, 2012

Osho - The Book of Man

Osho'a 'Book of Man' took me many months to read for various reasons. Too muh has been happening and I was reading it and savoring it like any other Osho book makes me do, always springing something new and always making you laugh with his irreverent jokes. Osho takes on all that is fear and tradition based, cuts religion and priests and politicians to shreds and invites everyone to be one self an to find the truth themselves. He explores the many facets of the man - the father, the warrior, the new man, the Buddha and so many more roles and argues each case with his typical brilliance. Wonderful stuff.

I especially loved the bit about the warrior and how we are all losing the ability to be fearless and to live in the moment as the warrior does - risking everything so one can live really. And of course his take on Zorba, the fictional character who is really a masterpiece, one who is true to himself and his feelings, one who dances with his whole body and one who is completely  passionate about all he does in his life.

As with all Osho's books, a wonderful read.


Rajendra said...

Should read this one soon. Yes, Zorba is a brilliant character. I am still looking for the movie!

Harimohan said...

Must read Raja. Great recommendation by Milind.