Sunday, August 5, 2012

Durgam Cheruvu Boat Ride - APTDC pull up your socks

I went to Durgam Cheruvu this afternoon with Anjali and she wanted a boat ride. The pedal boats were all taken quickly by youngsters and I had no intention on going on one of them anyway with a four year old, so I waited for the minimum quorum on the motorboat which was eight. There were four of us and we waited patiently as a bunch of enthusiastic and noisy youngsters got on the pedal boats and quickly ran themselves aground. The operators started yelling at them telling them that they were not listening to them and not following their instructions. I was right next to them while all this was going on and I can assure you that no such instructions were given. The kids were left to themselves stuck in the middle for a while with no life jackets on, and its a miracle people just don't drown and die.

When our turn came the motorboat was packed with some 15 people, some almost standing. Certainly overloaded, no question of life jackets, and for someone who cannot swim like me, a real threat. I yelled at the boatman to stop piling on more tourists as the boat was already precariously loaded. Not a life jacket, not even a floating tyre, nothing to save you if the boat went under except a prayer. And it proudly had the APTDC brand printed on it.

Its a shame that they can get away with such carelessness and negligence in the middle of the capital city of Andhra Pradesh and that too under the aegis of the government body. I hope whoever is in charge does the needful and take the necessary steps. I know human life in India is not too expensive but such greed and carelessness bugs you. Its just a tragedy waiting to happen and for the want of basic stuff that is probably already purchased or if not, at least billed for.

Pull up your socks APTDC and take the safety aspects more seriously.  Sadly I have no pictures but I might just go and get a few next time I am there.

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