Saturday, August 11, 2012

Raju, the Dog - Learnings at Sorako Soft

Was at Sorako Soft yesterday doing a team building exercise with Amar, when our old friend Prem Chand their MD, showed me Raju, a handsome white mongrel. Apparently Raju had attached itself to the office and stays there with the team. It takes its watch dog role seriously and we could sense it, as it growled when we got close to it.

While explaining the concept of knowing our role and assuming our responsibility even if we are not told explicitly, I could think of no better example than Raju to tell the team. I told the gathering of 25 young and enthusiastic team members that Raju comes not with any conditions - he does not perform his duties only when offered a certain salary, a letter, a certain salary and perk. He has decided for himself that he enjoys being with Sorako Soft, has demonstrated his keenness and willingness in many ways already by performing his assumed duties - of being watch dog and loyal companion with zero conditions, and has made a place as a permanent member of the Sorako Soft family. He has already gone beyond the call of duty, in fact, when there was none, and provides comfort and security to the Sorako Soft family. There is an air of gratitude about him that is highly infectious and endearing and he is certainly one of their most loved members.

In a world where we see young employees (and old employees) show less and less gratitude and appreciation for their work, for their employer, and for their job and all they seek is to barter shortchange the organization by giving less than adequate work, Raju should serve as a shining example of how to go about one's job well. Thank you Raju for the wonderful lesson in gratitude, knowing one's purpose, discharging one's role and responsibility by being absolutely clear about it and taking ownership for it. Fantastic stuff.

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