Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Cricket Series - Spin Advise from Shivlal Yadav

While chatting with Shivlal Yadav, an exponent of off spin and one who has done well for India, some gems came up yesterday. I asked him how a spinner who seems to have lost the art of getting wickets gets more penetration.

On being more penetrative:
'Slow it down in the air. Then you get more revolutions on the ball. When you get more revolutions on the ball you get more bite, and then you are difficult to play.'

On practice.
'All spinners need to practice at least three hours a day. For them that is the only way to bowl consistently. And that is important to bowl six balls consistently. Three hours of bowling on the spot. But for fast bowlers, they should only focus on getting their rhythm right in practice and not go full out.'

On thinking batsmen out.
'The approach needs to start right from the pavilion when you notice where the batsman is wearing the thigh guard - is he right or left handed. When he comes to bat see his grip and check whether he is top or bottom handed - that shows you whether he is good at the drive or the cut. Then you can bowl accordingly.'

On setting fields:
'I'd rather bowl without a cover fielder or a point. I'd go with a silly point. short leg and backward. Let the batsmen convert and drive to the offside. I always have a chance of getting a caught and bowled or a bat pad against him.'

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