Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Sad Sad North East Story

It is something that we as a nation should hang our heads in shame for. That thousands of our own countrymen have to flee for fear of injury and death thanks to or jingoistic few. We can hold no one responsible but the administration for being so ham handed and slow in its reaction and for not being able to give enough confidence and security to these citizens. Across the country we have seen the administration wring its hands or say empty words after our countrymen from the North East left. Too little too late and too shallow - we can all see the sham behind it all.

For the past few years it was nice to see so many of these youngsters come so far away from home and study and work in these parts of the country. Their numbers grew and they retained their identity, mingled well with the locals, caused no trouble, and won many hearts with their hardworking ethic. In fact I found the young men and women from the North East far more affable and polite in their behavior and demeanour than those youth from other parts of the country. I did hear that they worked for wages that were less than normal and they lived on a tight string, but they never let it show and always put their best foot forward. And their best smiles too. Its sad to see them all return to their hometowns for no fault of theirs.

I do hope these young men and women from the North East come back and stay back and fight for what is their right - the country is as much theirs as it is ours - and they must weather these storms. I also hope that the Centre passes certain laws which make such targeting of 'outsiders' on whatever grounds strictly punishable and not let a few political outfits get away with such petty agendas. It is time some one showed some spine. It is time we also realised that the King is wearing no clothes. Let us not delude ourselves with our silence - we are as much party to this as everyone else who was involved.


Rajendra said...

The Martians should be doing this to all of us...

Harimohan said...

I can imagine how all the aggressors would quieten up then and let the army do the talking. All these heroes and protectors of culture can only beat up girls, the unarmed, the weak and can operate only in those mobs where they derive strength. When the Martians do stuff like that these 'heroes' will surely be missing.