Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Ones Who Create, And Those Who Live Off It

It is rather intriguing. I don't even know how to put it but I have been meaning to for a long time. There seem to be a bunch of people who create things. Like machines, systems, art, books, movies, governance and what not. The earlier focus was completely on the creation. For example, the issue of governance, was completely about creating things round the clock for public good. Be it systems, institutions, checks and balances, and all that sort. The people in a position to create did their job with great responsibility and took blame if even one person was affected adversely. At that time it was considered the normal practice - moral standards were high. People thought of others, were aware of who they were answerable to, and took that seriously. To me, that kind of epitomised, good leadership, good governance. People took pride in their creation and how it affected the world.

But somewhere along the line, all this changed. There is a mad rush now to get to the position of power, as is evident in the way politicians strive in their greed to get higher. Resignations, open threats, change in mindsets, change in loyalties, backstabbing, betrayal, all in the public eye - because anything goes as long as you get there. And once you are there, you can twist the system that is already created with whatever good intention, to bleed it. To bleed the very people for whom one is responsible for. The very people who voted them to power. There are too many people preying on this system now, which is now like a mutilated carcass, as it has been twisted and turned to suit everyone's convenience. To cater to everyone's greed. These vultures, prey now on the carcass of what has been created. They can create nothing new. They will only live off what has been created - by glorifying the past, by making gods out of people, by criticizing the past. Their existence is only because of something that already exists.

And that is the fundamental difference one must look for in leaders, in people. Are they creating something new? What are they offering? What do they have to give? As leaders they must lead, must give, must contribute. Not just prop dead systems, ideas, people, institutions and live off them. From religion to gods, the dead to the living, the exploited and the victims, the family and the friend, women and children, the weak and infirm, the needy and the oppressed - everything is fair game. Everything is a plank to live off.And so it is with every single thing that goes on around us where we feel that righteous anger. How can a leader do that, how can a cop do that, how can anyone be so corrupt, how can anyone harm a child - almost every single such case seems to have the tacit approval of the system on 'the other side'. Everyone seems to be supporting one another - they will - because then they can prey in peace.

It is time we looked for issues that are creative. And discard those that are merely living off what is already there. Nothing comes from flogging the dead. Nor can anyone claim all rights to speak for the dead. The difference is clear. One is for life, or growth. The other leads to stagnation, and death.


Anonymous said...

Its not considered a bad thing to be corrupt. After all what is corruption nowadays. Is bribing a policeman corrupt. Is paying a clerk to move your file corrupt. Who is the (more)guilty party, the person paying the bribe or the person demanding the bribe. Most would be quick to say "the person demanding the bribe". Really?

This has become our way of life. Its woven into the fabric of our society. We would not know what to do without it. You know I think its time to legalise it. Why not??

PS: Longtime since I posted, but I read the blog everday. Keep writing.

Harimohan said...

Hi Anon, good to see you back. Lot of soul searching for everyone there. It obviously has to begin within - the cleaning up. And more importantly, it is necessary to accept that it is a part of the system, a part of us that is only being played out there. All cleaning up will start only after accepting that it is within us. What bothers me about corruption is how low we can sink - to me the compromising of the dignity of life is what irritates. Come on, I think, can't you earn money more creatively, so everyone benefits and not one at the cost of many. I was wondering - how does one legalise corruption? More like service providing and demand and supply guiding the price? Obviously with a legal recourse!