Saturday, December 4, 2010

Do Dooni Chaar - Highly Watchable

Wanted to catch this movie 'Do Dooni Chaar' on the big screen but as it happens these days, all the good movies don't have space or time in theatres. All that we have playing in theatres are movies that we don't want to watch (the kind of movies that go about declaring themselves a super duper hit even before it is released). So I bought myself a CD of 'Do Dooni Chaar' and watched it at home. It was delightful.

Rishi Kapoor is a Mathematics teacher in a private school trying to provide for his middle class family on his salary and his tuitions. His wife Neetu Singh gives him all the support he needs, smilingly, managing the home finances on a tight string. Their two kids, I don't know their names, but they are delightful, are growing up and have growing needs of course. Like ipods, fancy cars, KFC etc. The girl studying her degree and dreaming of big things in life, big car etc, the boy in school, already in big bucks thanks to his cricket betting, girl friend, cash etc. Rishi Kapoor maintains his old scooter and is quite content with it. Until the day his sister comes home to invite the family to Meerut for a wedding in the family. And she insists that they come in a car because otherwise her husband's relatives look down upon her. Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh borrow a neighbour's car and go to Meerut and after coming back home, while parking, bang the tail of the car. The neighbour's wife gives them an earful and that spurs the self-respecting Rishi Kapoor to vow that he will buy a car in 15 days. Or change my name he says!

So starts a whole bunch of capers that the family undergoes to get that car. From trying their hand at lotteries, trying to take advances from various sources, even considering rather not-so-honest means, the movie goes on in a delightful manner, a pleasant pace. It is a happy peep into the lives of the middle class, their hopes, their fears, their comforts, their pride and mostly their crazy sense of humour. Somehow the Indian middle class seems to survive because of their capability to laugh at themselves. Reminded me of the Basu Chatterjee kind of movies a bit this one - for the simple plot, the heartwarming emotions, the real and believable characters, the neat tying up of the story and the smile that it left me with. A definitely recommended movie with family, friends or alone. If you haven't seen it, worth getting the DVD and getting your popcorn and some good company. This movie will make you glow.

For all the hullabaloo the industry makes of its talent, I have not heard of the writer director Habib Faisal before. But Habib Faisl, take a bow sir, and please do continue making such movies. I would like to see them all. And stock all the DVDs in my collection as well.

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