Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Changes in the Hyderabad Weather

This winter has been one of the coldest (at least the last few days) in Hyderabad. The lowest temperature, which was yesterday, was 9.7 degrees C, apparently last recorded in 2005. After many years I sought some warm clothes and felt the chill slide into my clothes early in the morning when I stepped out for a walk. It is cold - the kind of a cold that makes your nose go numb and you cannot feel it anymore. The kind of cold that I experienced in Pune when I first realized how cold it could get.

And similarly the summer recorded some highs that Hyderabad had not witnessed for decades. I remember we shot the movie in temperatures that hovered in the mid forties constantly - 45.5 degrees C, so hot that we could not bear the heat sitting in the shade. It made sense to be out in the heat - if you know what I mean. That heat continued till the time it started raining, on June 11 or so. I remember telling someone that I have not seen a summer like that in my 30 years in Hyderabad.

Once it started raining, it did not stop. It rained copiously, tonnes and tonnes of rainwater. We never watered the plants for those three or four months. I remember Ram asked me how the rains would be and I told him all confidence that Hyderabadi  rains last a couple of days and then we have long stretches of regular weather. Since we had only about 10 days of shoot to do, it looked like a good prediction. Of course, it rained almost every day of the season, save for one or two days. I remember people blogging, leaving status notes wishing for sun. Certainly, we have never seen rains like this ever in the last thirty years in Hyderabad.

So, then, this year, we have seen all extremes. Waiting to see how this winter fares further.

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