Sunday, September 30, 2018

Some Kind Words That Made My Day - From my MBA Classmates

An outpouring of affection from my mates at the Osmania MBA college. I want to preserve this - and no better place than the blog.

"Hari you have been a great Ambassador of the MBA group.

You have eulogised each one with your flowery, and compassionate words.

You have found the best qualities in each friend of yours and the respect that you shower has endeared you to each one and has enhanced your towering stature.

Like a true sportsman that you are you  experimented with your life and had the courage to settle  down with the best for you -  Shobha and writing .

Hari I found you to be the most caring, compassionate soul and a person with a human touch which let's you see the good in everyone.

 Your attitude to life and people around you reflects your analysis which you so eloquently brought out in your writing.

Hope one day we all attend the function where you are awarded the Booker prize. Hope you had a great day."

- My skipper at Osmania, Vijay

Well said Vijay.. you are all of this and much more Hari - Visa

"Well said. Thank you for writing such lovely note for Hari. Was wondering how a writer like Hari could be graced with something close to what he can put into words. Great job.
You are special. Hope you had a wonderful day. - Radha

Hi Hari Mohan, birthday wishes and prayers for your good health and happiness.
You epitomize friendship, coolness, leadership, filial, spousal and paternal love;
Magic at the pitch or the page ;
Ability to shake n stir just about anything including a drink;
You made a lasting impression in 1985 when I first met you with KP Choudhary in the OUCE lounge.
You've been an inspiration for my on-the-spot article for our OUCCBM 1991 magazine
You trigger verbosity in others even as you remain stoically laconic.
So there I've said it all. My friend.
- S.V. Ramana, old pal

"Wow... I wait for everyone’s birthdays  to appear for 2 reasons..
1. To wish them and
2. To read your write up

This was your best so far, Hari..

As Vijay says you are a divine soul who sees only the good in everyone.  Hence, your divine soul reflects in your happiness, bliss and your personality! Love the way you share happiness with others and your calmness being  your forte.. wish I could be as calm and cool as you!!😀👍

May the year ahead be as beautiful as your bundle of joy (Anjali), as bright as your better half-Shobha, and as loving as your family!!👍😀😍

May you be blessed with good health, happiness, success, prosperity, joy and peace!!
Hugs to your Hari!!
Stay blessed!!

A card made by my 10year old - Vidya

Hari, I may not be a good writer like most of you, but what I have written is DIL SE."
- Hema

Loved Being the Object of poet Bijju's poem!

"Languid pace , unHARIed Grace,
Tremendous wit , makes a near perfect fit.
A way with words , inspiring all
We count on you , standing so tall.

Soulful eyes , incapable of lies
Speaking from the heart, playing your part.
Never do you pretend , when being a friend
Love & warmth you extend , joyfully no end.

Easy manners , Mirthful looks
Emotions many , Expressed in books
Your infectious laughter , so full of life
Source being daughter, and no less , the wife !

- Bijju

Thank you everyone from the class of 91!  

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