Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Anjali - A Sonnet

"A sonnet is a fourteen-line poem...' and some other technicalities that I did not understand.

Anjali was supposed to read a sonnet in school. She tried a few sonnets that she found online and did not like them. She read one to me. I said I liked it and asked who wrote it. She said she wrote it herself.

She took her sonnet and read it in school. I never thought you could do stuff like that. Here's the young poet's sonnet.


Once I met a man - he said
What do you want here
I said I desire some food and a bed
And maybe some water crystal clear

He said come here and listen
I live right down the road
Go in and freshen
And have all you want; there is a load

I went and ate some food and then some more
And had a bath very well
I said Without you I would have been lying on the floor
In return for your kindness take my golden bell

I do not need your bell he said but you listne to me
What I want from you is to help everyone you see.

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