Friday, July 20, 2018

Thought for the Day - Energy and A Sense of Well Being

A sense of well being is a decision. It's not the money, the success, the beauty - but the feeling that you have it all anyway (even if you don't) that gives one a sense of well being. This sense of well being is certainly related to simply feeling that all is well. One just has to believe, or as my friend, AP once told me, 'hallucinate' that it is, and it is.

I can. It will. I know.

Once you feel that way, the little decisions get taken (or not taken - but mostly taken). No more dilly-dallying over things and feeling bad about this or that. I am doing this. I am not doing this. A decision taken is energy saved. Nay, energy multiplied. If you want to experience it take a decision - something that pushes you over the comfort zone and see how it kicks in that energy, that sense of well being.

Now this sense of well being, this feeling allows one to take risks, to take life less seriously, to smile, laugh or cry more easily - or just to live more fully. It is attached to a high energy that naturally seems to follow that state of well being, of high or good energy.

From whichever angle you approach it, this state of mind also seems to be a decision - in the mind.  It is the cause, and not the effect.

Like anything else, it could be practiced perhaps.

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