Monday, July 30, 2018

Sunday Cricket Lessons - Do Something Different

Over the years and months of the Sunday nets, I focus on one aspect that's troubling me and it works, but it does not work all the time. Perhaps the ball, the state of mind, the physical condition, but there are times when I am absolutely toothless as a bowler. Hampered by a sore hamstring which appeared close to snapping last week, I slowed down considerably (from an already very slowed down version) and kept it on the spot. Just barely keeping it honest with no pretence of trying to force an issue with the batsman.

But yesterday, sore hamstring and all, I was hoping to finish bowling for the mandatory hour or so, when I remembered a slinging action of Imran Khan in some recent video. The bowling hand came down in a slinging motion, beginning the bowling action in a vigorous manner than merely setting it up, and thereby improving the loading position, the release and the follow through. A couple of deliveries and I knew this would work well for today and after a long, long time I could make an old ball talk - move in and move out, cut off the wicket, at will and troubled all the batsmen. Edges, LBW, bowled, all off a short, careful run up so as not to upset the sensitive hamstring.

I am glad I tried the different approach on a whim and that it worked so well.  Now to test it out again next week. But the principle - to try something different (to trust your gut) when nothing else works. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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