Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Anjali - You Can Find It Inside You

The talk was about some talents of ours - in complete jest of course. Somewhere singing came up and Shobha joked and said 'Anjali, that's one talent I do not have.'

Of course, fact remains that even we do not have the singing talent either but we are completely shameless about it and sing at the top of our voice.

Anjali was as usual sympathetic.

'You also have all these talents amma,' she consoled. 'You just have to find them inside you.'

The moment passed but I was wondering at the profundity of it all. Many times one gets the feeling that some vitalcog is missing in oneself. I get this feeling quite often. And then we realise that it's not something missing, but rather a matter of finding it inside ourselves.

Like they say, all that's without, is within. One must look inside and find it, give it love and there it is. Thanks Anjali.

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