Friday, July 27, 2018

My Musical Notes (The Magic of ABBA) - Part 3

It is incredible that after all these years I still have the original cover and the tape and when I peep into the inside of the cover find that I actually wrote my name, date and place of purchase. Even I am shocked that its 36 years gone and I still have a well-preserved piece of history with me. In fact two.

The Magic of ABBA, which I bought with no hesitation at all first with songs like Dancing Queen, Take a Chance On Me, Waterloo, Ring Ring, SoS, Fernando, Mamma Mia, Voulez Vous, Chiquitita and we knew the lyrics of every single song. My favorite among the lot is 'Waterloo' closely followed by 'Ring Ring' which I distinctly remember Asha playing when as a medico she did a guest stint at Yuvavani.

A favorite memory was playing ABBA over and again on a New Years Eve. We were still in school and wanted to celebrate - did not know how - and possibly bought some potato chips (the ultimate symbol of rebellion) and orange juice, played ABBA and slept at 11.  And an ABBA night at Parth's place a few years ago in Pune.  I rediscovered 'Tiger' which made a big impact in "ABBA the movie".

My all-time favorite was 'Eagle' a song with a dreamy sound and many hours have I spent in All Saints looking at the eagles and kites flying high above and imagining ABBA's song and a flight to freedom. However 'Eagle' took some time in coming into my possession. For now these wonderful songs!

At around the time of this cassette I had just cleared my tenth exams, attended a one-month long cricket coaching camp conducted by the BCCI for the South Zone Under 19 players by Mr. Rehmath Baig, (who is still my coach). I remember it being a tough camp but I was totally changed physically and  skill wise. I became a good outswing bowler from a predominantly inswing bowler and became fit enough for my sister Mythily to exclaim - 'Wow, you look so fit!' 

College as in Intermediate which was seen as a breeze by the backbenchers awaited me. Freedom, cricket, ABBA, growing up years and all seemed well with the world. Life never looked as easy and as high as then.


Ali Juddy said...

Magic of ABBA. Well said Hari. They are my all time favorites and I cannot choose one out of their repertoire as the best one!

Oh, by the way, I forwarded the post on the Reunion 2018 to your best buddy Kamran (and my cousin, younger by the way!)He may get in touch with you I am sure after going through it. I have touched base with you after a long while.I was feeling nostalgic hence wanted to check what you were blogging!

Hope to read and comment more on your wonderful writing!

Ali Juddy

Harimohan said...

Thanks so much Ali. You are so right, I was pleasantly surprised to hear from Kamran yesterday (always a pleasant surprise with him!). I was even more surprised when he said his cousin had forwarded the link to the reunion - it was fabulous meeting him after all these years.

And to continue the saga of surprises, even more to hear from you today on the ABBA post. I hope to do a 100 posts or more on the music we grew up on (one cassette at a time) - hope to connect with you on some of them surely.

Please do stay in touch and keep commenting and egging me on. :)