Thursday, March 7, 2013

Two Original Jokes

I laughed loudly at these two original jokes recently.

We were discussing the bad news that newspapers dump on us the first thing in the morning. Some said they did not wish to read newspapers anymore, some said they wished they stopped soon, and so on and so forth until Milind came up with this solution. 'I think we should tell the newspaperwala to take the newspaper and deliver it directly to the raddi shop (the shop that buys used newspapers) instead of delivering it to our doorstep. I'd pay him gladly for that service.'

On another occasion while out at dinner, Krishna was having a tough time ordering. He was done with the drinks and was running through the menu. The waiter was somehow insistent on on our ordering starters and kept on bugging Krishna about them. After the umpteenth question from the waiter regarding the 'starters' and noticing Krishna's bewilderment at this starters business Shobhs quipped - 'Tell him you're a non-starter'.