Friday, March 8, 2013

Story Idea - When The Fake Is Better

Disclaimer: This story idea might be an old one.

Ordinary girl (heroine) is obsessed with a star. She creates a complete world of her own around the star, makes him the king of her dreams. Nice and bubbly stuff initially but it gets to a high personal plane where she cannot do without the virtual him. In fact as she gets on in her life she realises that she can actually use this creation of hers (in her mind) to propel her life forward. In conversations with her virtual star boyfriend, she finds a lot of clarity and new thought. Her life hits a high thanks to the considerate and knowledgeable star she has trapped in her mind. At the pinnacle of her success she actually bumps into the star and they meet. Interval stuff.

She cannot think of a better way for her life to go on now with her star coming alive. But she soon realises that the star behaves in a manner that is distinctly different from what she has trained him to do in her mind. She cannot take these changes in her boyfriend and the constant dilemma he is putting her through. Her work starts getting affected and she starts losing control. Until she realises that it is the real boyfriend who is the villain and the virtual boyfriend who is the hero. Now she has to get rid of the real actor from her life. But he seems obsessed with her.

How does she deal with this problem?

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