Thursday, March 7, 2013

Silver Linings Playbook - Movie Review

This is a most unusual movie and hugely entertaining at that. A medley of the most unusual characters, some of them who have been diagnosed with disorders (and some who have not), show us that our world is one where we are all generally on the edge - one cannot make out who is which side. But the movie, adapted from a novel of the same name written by Mathew Quick, is full of unusual twists and turns right up till the end. Not to forget some powerhouse performances by all the actors, especially the leads.

Pat (Bradley Cooper), coming back from a mental asylum where he had been sent for his bipolar disorder and a consequent attack on a man he catches with his wife, meets a sex-addict widow Tiffany Maxwell (Jennifer Lawrence) at a dinner. The two neurotics hit it off in an unusual manner with Pat refusing all invitations from Tiffany to have sex with her and making it clear that he wants to get back to his wife Nikki. Tiffany uses Nikki as a bait to convince Pat to enter a dance competition with her. Now this dance competition and the fact that she and Pat are good luck for the Eagles (as she proves to Pat's bookmaker father) become the key points for an all or nothing bet that Pat's father places, much to the dismay of Pat's mother and her whole family. But the bet is on. There is drama in the dance hall as Nikki comes to watch the dance, Tiffany gets drunk as a consequence and the couple ends up doing a decent job. Will they get the 5 points required? Will the Eagles win? Will Pat get back to Nikki? What happens to Tiffany? Ah, watch this funny, romantic and crazy movie to find out. For certain you will be entertained no doubt.

Jennifer Lawrence got a well deserved Oscar and Bradley Cooper deserved one himself. Robert DiNero as Pat's father was good  for another. Overall, fast-paced, full of life, and as unpredictable as life can get if you let it rip without trying to control it. Go watch.

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