Saturday, February 23, 2013

Thought for the Day - Use Hurt Positively

There is much use for negative emotions. Don't throw them away. They do not need to drain you. Hurt, pain, disappointment, frustration, resentment are strong and powerful emotions that can be channelised beneficially.
Pic courtesy. Prarthana Nargundkar

Next time you feel those negative emotions, step back and let then wash over. Feel them. Feel their power. Then direct that energy to do something positive. Maybe just physical work, maybe creative work, maybe capturing the mood, anything. A book, an idea, an article, a painting, practice at a game, run, swim, anything that lets you express that feeling. Whatever you do must be an expression to tell the people who made you feel that way that you will use that energy to drown them. Go at it with a vengeance. See what a beautiful thing you can create with that power.

But whatever you do, definitely don't smother it inside with alcohol or drugs or negative company. Express it through an act. It will be beautiful. Each time you feel these emotions, use them to find a spurt of energy to create something positive. They are not so bad after all.

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