Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Golconda Sound and Light Show

Went to the Golconda Light and Sound show recently. The English show starts at 7, or so the brochure said, but it started at 630 p.m. What's with these guys?
Some part of Golconda Fort

A bit of a queue. There are some tickets called Executive tickets. We walked along the dungeon like places that smelled of bats and old caves. We were warned many times against the use of cameras and the consequences (penalties). We headed on bravely still. Until we came to a clearing and what do we see? A million people already seated and waiting for the show to begin. There was little to indicate where the non-executive seats were and where the executive seats were. After some enterprising moves by Shobhs we found the executive section (it is on a slightly raised platform). We did not get seats in a row and just split up and sat.

The English version began. Amitabh Bachchan spoke about the tale of Golconda and how the name came by from Golla Konda or Shepherd Hill. The story of the Kakatiyas, the Qutb Shahis, the Taramatis, the shifting of the city, Charminar and all that happened in Golconda were covered. Nice. Some part of the sound was bad for a while but mostly it was fine. The lights part was good. The mosquitoes were aplenty. There were several who could not resist clicking pictures of the show despite the ban.

Pretty nice overall. Worth a visit. But it makes sense to actually go and climb the fort. Ideally get to the fort by 4 p.m., walk around the fort and get down by 630 to see the sound and light show. But you may not feel like it then. Outside the fort there is a Cafe Coffee Day.

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