Thursday, February 7, 2013

Anjali - On Life of Pi

I decided to check with Anjali a few of her reactions to the movie 'Life of Pi'. She got scared when the tiger roared and the animals killed one another and expressed her desire to go home. But she changed her mind pretty fast after that as well and demanded her 3D glasses back to watch the movie. Considering that she watched the entire movie and was laughing at the end, she appeared to have liked it.
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Q. Did you like the movie?
A. Yes.

Q. What did you like about it?
A. Richard Parker.

Q. Why?
A. He is so beautiful. He has such a lovely colour and beautiful eyes.

Q. Did he not scare you with his roaring?
A. Yes. A little.

Q. What did you not like about the movie?
A. I don't like big people's movies because there will be all killing villing.

Q. What do you think the movie was about?
A. Bravery.

Q. Whose?
A. Pi. He was scared of the tiger but he still helped it.

Then she turned away and said she did not want to do any more interviews on Life of Pi. Normal interviews are okay she said.

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