Saturday, February 9, 2013

Thought For The Day - The Link Between Growth and Happiness

Growth is always about being out of the comfort zone. Always about something new. It will make you feel on the edge, feel fully aware and never secure. Growth makes you feel fully alive. A new experience, a new person, a new dish, a new piece of danger - growth comes even from doing all the things that you shy away from.
Pic courtesy: Prarthana Nargundkar

Growth, obviously, makes you happy. The exhilaration of merely trying a new thing, expanding an unknown boundary, brings a rush of happiness. A joke makes you laugh, because it presents a new viewpoint. Anything new - a visual, a thought, a sound, a perspective makes you happy.

When we stop growing, in ideas and in thoughts, we become unhappy. Everything looks the same. When in fact everything is as dynamic and exciting as it is to a little child. It is just our perspective that has remained stagnant. We are looking at the same frame we want to look at life with. We just do not want any other viewpoint. We do not want growth anymore.

Try to look at life without those old frames. Remove them and be open to growth. It happens by itself if we are open - we do not need to do anything. Watch your happiness fill you again.

Growth is, in my opinion, the only reason for happiness.

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