Saturday, February 9, 2013

Thought For The Day - The Gap

One is our potential. One is our current performance. What we need to address, is the gap between the two.

The gap requires us to constantly grow. In little steps. Bit by bit. Every step of the growth - the small successes - must be celebrated. Must be understood and acknowledged.

As you grow closer to your potential, you find that the outer ring, your potential has shifted a bit more from what you anticipated. But now it's fun. This growth path.

Why do we get stuck? Because we do not get started on pushing our current status further. We link it to immediate return. Don't. Look for growth.

First push that limit to go to the next one. What it means is that we must, irrespective of the return, give our 100% and push. Grow.

The journey begins. The gap gets smaller. We're growing. We're happier.

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