Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Vicky Donor - Movie Review

Finally watched Vicky Donor after much wanting-to and thoroughly enjoyed this completely off beat, whacky and funny movie of a prize sperm donor Vicky, his greedy and businesslike infertility doctor Chadda and a cast of quirky characters who step in to make it all the more enjoyable.Dr. Chadda (Annu Kapoor) is an infertility doctor who is facing the heat from his clients who are unhappy at not getting the results they want. Chadda says its all about luck but since his business appears to be endangered, he starts seeking out some stud types who can donate good strong sperm. His research yields Vicky, a young lad who does nothing but play cricket, hang out with his friends and go clubbing. When approached Vicky finds this whole idea disgutsing (despite Chadda trying to convince him that its an ancient science and that rishis and munis would do that in the days of old). Vicky is offended when Chadda says his sperm all going waste anyway. But enticed by the money he is offered and the taunts of his beautician mother to earn money, he donates his sperm and its a hit - or as the tag line says, Vicky's sperm is lakhon mein ek.

Vicky becomes rich soon in his unconventional and rather pleasurable career, and so does Chadda, as Vicky's sperm brings great results. Chadda pays handsomely, his own graph is on the upswing and now top businessmen and politicians are now queuing up for his services. But Vicky falls in love with a Bengali divorcee and marries her. But he does not tell her his source of income, lying that its all exports and imports. When the girl learns after marriage that Vicky is a donor and is technically a father already (and by some quirk that she cannot have children of her own) she is upset and wlaks out. But all is well finally and one of Vicky's own (one of the 53 he has fathered) is adopted and all is well.

It is a fun movie and money is well spent. I liked the way the team handled relevant issues of marital stress, of sperm donation, of adoption and so on in a light and yet responsible manner. Great performances by Ayushmann Khurana, Yami Gautam and Annu Kapoor. If you haven't seen it do! It is as it claims - lakhon mein ek.

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