Thursday, June 28, 2012

Interview with a 4 and a half year old

I decided it's high time I interviewed Anjali again and got to know what she is thinking about the world around her. So with her permission we got down to the interview one afternoon a couple of weeks ago. Most of the time she was running around the sofa where I was sitting, pausing only to gather her thoughts or to make a forceful point.

What do you like most?
Food. Chicken. Not spicy chicken. Games. Princess games. Dressing up games, King and Queen games. I like Snow White games. I like Butterfly games, Gardening games. Mowing games. Karate games. Kung fu. (On the computer)

What do you like doing most?
Play games on the computer, ipad (her friend's and cousin's ipad and a gentle insinuation to me to buy her one), iphone (another one perhaps). Tennis on Wii Sports.

Who do you like most?
Mummy and Daddy. Attas (aunts) - Mythily atta. The other attas don't play with me. They give me toys and go off. Mythily atta plays with me and asks Ram Bharose (her cook) to cook.

I like to feed ants. Take some sugar and sprinkle. Then the ants come running and eat. I like to feed ants. I like to have a pet. Then I can play with it the whole day. A dog. A baby dog (another insinuation to me). But I need Mommy and Daddy dogs (older dogs) too. Or a hamster. They are so cute.

Or fishes (worst case scenario).

What do you like at school?
I like the sandpit. Me and Manasi dig and make a sandcastle. We make sand castles.

What do you not like?
I do not like when Mamma shouts at me (sad face). Or when my balloon flies away. I don't like it when they don't have chicken noodles in hotels. I want it with sauce.
I like to take a red leaf or any leaf and put the same colour and paint. I like to do that. Not green colour.

What do you think of adults?
I think they are nice. I like them. Because they help me.

What makes you happy?
When I wear my shiny silver necklaces. I like Chota Bheem movies.

Do you like being happy or unhappy?

What is happy?
Your face goes smiley.

Why happy? Why not unhappy?
Shouting, shouting. Crying, crying.

How can we be happy?
Think of nice things. Suppose you like something like a sausage. You think of it. You get it. Then you are happy.

Simple huh! After this Anjali got tired of the interview and excused herself. Or rather, she ran away to the other room shouting to me that I was asking too many questions and she was getting bored. Thanks for the interview Anjali. It was very enlightening.


Rajendra said...

She is becoming a veteran interviewee-interesting as always.

Harimohan said...

I like her funda on being happy.