Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thought for the Day - It's not the money, It's how we use it

It is not about how much money we want that is the question - it is always about what we plan to do with it when we have it. Because the equation is that unless we have the uses for it, we will not get the money for it! So the key really is to begin at the other end of the pipeline, as all entrepreneurs do, and not by merely wanting money because everyone says we should have money!
Pic courtesy - Satish

A vibrant enterprise (read as career, life, business) is always built because of the outcome and what it means to you. It is never begun as 'I have so much money so what should I do with it' because that's a sure way of losing your money or running a low energy business - the kinds that wind up after a few months because you're not getting the kind of money or return or fun you expected. If we only want the money and have no use it will end up rotting in the locker instead of giving you pleasure of creation and acquisition.

So then, if we know pretty much what we want to do with the money and why, the money presents itself. In innumerable ways - equity, loans, investments and so on and so forth. Money really is never the problem - it is what you can do with it or rather, what you really want to do with it. The more we use the money, the more it gets energised and the better the flow. But the key as always is the end - how am I going to use the money.

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