Saturday, January 9, 2010

YES - Finally The Novel Is Done

A huge YES factor for me my friend as I sit and punch away at this twilight hour! YES, YES! I have finally sent off the changes I made to the pdf version of the book - proofing it just to have a 'look' took me a good nine hours and I am still left feeling that maybe I should have tweaked it a bit more? Ah, Hari, let go! I sent off the changes to Sandeep, the publisher's production man, and that's out of my hair.
Got to say that Gita Rajan, editor-proof reader, has been a great source of encouragement. She really backed the story and that's huge for me. I liked the confidence she brings to this project. And she did such a wonderful job of proofing and final touching it. Thanks Gita, its huge. Looking forward to meet you in Delhi.
And then the cover. Shiva worked on it with our limited resources and he sent me a jpg file of the version we liked and it looks good. I am waiting for the final cdr version to send it off any moment now. And then off to Minerva coffee shop with Shobha and Anjali where we meet Vinod to celebrate with some mirchi bajjis and coffee!!
Hah! Will write a bit about the process tomorrow. What happened till now on the making of the manuscript, when the publisher gets involved and then the actual commercials, agreements, promotion etc. We can go through the process together!

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