Saturday, January 9, 2010

And a promising director

Also met Chandra Siddharth, a promising young director, who has made a movie of great sensibility 'Aa Naluguru' which I liked immensely. Since I developed a liking for his sensibility I made it a point to see his next 'Vasantham' which had Sumanth and Sneha and another heroine and was rather disappointed at what came about. Somehow I could sense a subtle theme that he was trying to explore which was being subdued by a stronger track that got built in. Maybe I felt that other people prevailed over his original idea.
Which was what happened apparently. Chandra said that he read about Spielberg saying somewhere that one must stick to one's style of making movies, one's success mantra, so to say and move gradually over a period of time. Which is where he felt he moved into different kinds of movies too fast. The other two movies that he made, 'Inscrutable Americans, and another Telugu movie called 'Idi Sangathi' with Tabu in the lead - the first was critically acclaimed and the second did not fare well.
'Though it did not fare well,' he says, 'there was a German reseacher who came and interviewed me and complimented me on the subject and my viewpoint which was very satisfying.'
Now he is back to his genre. Two movies that are due to be released this year. Let me watch. I do believe he has what it takes. And he makes my kind of movies!

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