Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Book Launch - Preparation

While the books are getting printed, we can use the time to prepare for the book launch. It is entirely up to you whether you wish to launch the book with a big splash or quietly make an entry in the book stores and let them worm their way into the reader's hearts. Both ways work, the first one costs money and effort while the second route may see you lose out on some initial sales. But finally, the book must have something to sell itself over a period of time.

I believe that a splash must be made especially since I am a new author and not many know about me. A book launch will draw some press, get some sales going and spreads the buzz which sets off the book on its way. This time the World Book Fair at New Delhi is being held at Pragati Maidan during January 30 - February 7, 2010. So we decided to launch the book during this Fair.

Now typically, all book launches involve the publisher, the author and maybe a bookstore where the launch can be held. A PR firm is necessary (because the whole idea of doing an event is that there is some press coverage). Invites, maybe chief guests who draw in the crowd and the press, refreshments and other stuff are costs that need to be taken care of. Normally authors, especially well known ones become the chief guests themselves, as they tend to draw the crowd and the media. The publisher normally sets up the event with the bookstore and makes the books available as well as the invites and other promotional material such as posters etc. The bookstore (especially big chains like Crossword, Landmark and Odyssey) normally take care of the event - from the compere, to the PA system, the PR, the backdrop, refreshments etc. The author needs to be present and share his views. It involves time and effort, and may be, the returns are not commensurate one feels but I think the launches have their benefits. The metros - Mumbai for sure, because it is the hub of all activity and you are certainly on national tv, Chennai and Bengaluru for their reading public. Delhi and Kolkata, I have not had the experience, though I will surely have something to report soon on Delhi.

Once the event has been decided by my publisher and me, we decided to invite a successful woman who can speak on 'women empowerment' which is a strain that the book touches upon. So the search began from actors to politicians and still goes on until we find someone who agrees. We have meanwhile booked the venue, the time and we are all set to go ahead on the evening of the 4th of February 2010. The first copies should roll out today and we are waiting with bated breath.
More of this later as it unfolds!


Rajendra said...

good luck with the impending launch.

Dr. Ranjani said...

Congratulations and good luck with the launch.
Looking forward to reading the book.