Saturday, November 28, 2009

University of Hyderabad, MBA program - Exhausted!

That was fun!
I returned home after a two and a half day workshop at the University of Hyderabad, School of Management Studies yesterday, where I conducted the 'Recognising Excellence Within' workshop and did not realise how exhausted I was! I could hardly climb the stairs last night!
It was quite an intense experience, I realise now, dealing with 40 young, energetic and highly intense and passionate youngsters. I had prepared exhaustively for the workshop, keen that they share every experience, not miss out on one concept, one story, feeling that somewhere, something could make a small difference to someone. I prepared the entire manual, all the handouts and more, woke up every morning at 345 am and finetuned my thought process and generally buzzed about like an electric pole. I know it was still not the perfect delivery but well I did the best I could and I know it.
I usually take an attitude to a workshop or a lecture that atleast one person could benefit and that would make all the preparation worth it. I do hope that somewhere someone did connect with something, if not now, it will make a small diference to the world!
The students amazed me. Here were concepts that were new, hard and quite frankly disturbing, asking searching questions of them, pushing them to limits that they never looked at before - but they never flinched. Not one of them! Infact they came back each time and took the challenge, pushing themselves each time and pushing me over with that energy and intensity.
I saw wonderful business plans, I met someone who could take my book sales to 10 lakhs, great ideas! Guys and girls, please mail me with whatever we were discussing - I am waiting for your mails here. Not a single one yet!
I saw great intelligence, courage, passion, idealism, love, peace, beauty, innocence, ambition, honesty, vision, clarity and all the nice things that God made this world in that room. Each one of them truly represented to me the enormous potential that I believe in, and seeing and experiencing it was truly satisfying. I loved the experience immensely.
Thank you Prof. Jyothi for the opportunity, Sheila for assisting me, Shobha for helping with the handouts, the students for bearing with me and more importantly teaching me so much in those three days!
Thank you all.

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