Thursday, November 19, 2020

Anjali - We Miss the Thoughtful People When They Are No Longer There

 Today Anjali and I were walking and chatting when the conversation went to Pallavi - a thoughtful soul if there is one. Pallavi does things in the most thoughtful and subtle manner - like enquiring how we are doing, getting food over when Shobha was unwell, talking to Anjali when she was put up at Milind's house in Pune, asking if she can do anything she can that any considerate, thoughtful person would do for another - or so we think. But its getting to be a rare breed with very few people enquiring about others lest they be asked something - money or help - and not wanting to even enquire just to make their friends or relatives feel cared for.

'She is very thoughtful Nanna,' said Anjali. 'And she does it so subtly that we do not even know she is doing it when she is. But with such people Nanna, we only know their value when they are not there. We take them for granted because they do it so unobtrusively.'

That was a wonderful insight Anjali and pretty sharp and deep. Equally thoughtful and considerate to understand the importance of it and the measure of it. And yes, to more Pallavis of the world to make it a better place.  

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