Thursday, August 15, 2019

Top Gun - Assorted Artistes

Top Gun released in 1986. I first heard the song 'Danger Zone' with Vidyuth Jaisimha, who was my roommate in several cricket trips. This was the Buchi Babu tournament in Chennai and Vidyuth had bought along a small stereo player with him. One fine morning I hear him playing 'Danger Zone' and got hooked on to it. I asked him to play it again and again, repeatedly until he got tired of my request. Then i would sneak up when he went for a bath and play it again. Kenny Loggins got into my blood with that song. Obviously, I had to own this cassette at the earliest. (Danger Zone - Kenny Loggins)

Soon enough, the movie was released in Hyderabad. I remember going to watch the movie at Padmavathi or one of those theatres in Kachiguda with Subbu and Sanjay and Choudary. We went on on my scooter and Sanjay's Yezdi, but on the way back, we came back on fighter jets. I rode like a madman and I am surprised we made it back alive  - definitely remember Subbu asking me desperately to slow down. But I was in the Danger Zone you see. I was flying and well its just a feeling that you want - one where you feel so alive it does not matter if you died. I can taste that feeling still. (Mighty Wings - Cheap Trick)

When I bought the cassette, it was a gold mine. Apart from Danger Zone, there was 'Mighty ings' by Cheap Trick, the Top Gun anthem by Harold Faltermeyer and not to forget an all time fav ballad 'Take my breath away' by Berlin. Ah, what pleasure. 'Take my breath away' played at all the slow dancing times in parties then. (Take my breath away - Berlin)

The Top Gun tape will always remind me of Vidyuth and the number of times I heard the song in Madras and Subbu, who was the Ice Man to my Maverick on a ride that was nothing short of a fighter jet in flight. (Top Gun anthem - Harold Faltermeyer)

Second year engineering, cricket career on the up, friends, fun, laughter, world at our feet - what else do we want. Tom Cruise and Kelly Mc Gillis will never be forgotten nor would Val Kilmer. Ah, what fun.

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