Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Blackmail - Movie

Highly avoidable. Started well and then you realise that one decision can just disengage the viewer. Husband finds the wife in an extra-marital affair with her old boyfriend. He decides to blackmail the boyfriend to pay his rising bills - the boyfriend is, after all, driving a Mercedes and is married to a rich man's daughter. The boyfriend who gets no money from his corporator father-in-law (who looks like a corporator by the way) blackmails his lover - i.e. the husband's wife. Since she is broke she forces her husband to cough up money. Finding his costs rising, the original blackmailer again blackmails the lover etc. All's well until steam runs out and in a bid to be cute, the husband, who is now being blackmailed by a colleague who knows of his blackmailing ways, accidentally kills her. Some scenes are s contrived that it is not funny anymore.

Few more murders later, the original blackmailing husband lives, gets away. All is well as long as the hero is fine. Like I said - avoid the movie. If I was not so upset, I wouldn't have written such a long review.

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