Friday, August 31, 2018

A Priceless Gesture by Joel Wilson

Joel Wilson and I played cricket for All Saints High School in the one year that I played, 1982. He was a good off spinner and batsman, and always a fun guy to have around. Years after school we still kept in touch somehow and he came around for the book launches of '50 Not Out' and 'This Way Is Easier Dad'. Apart from meeting at school reunion parties Joel and I share our cricket connection and a few laughs about the world, over the phone. He is one guy who calls frequently and exchanges pleasantries and we laugh about it all.
Setting up for the photo shoot
So it was a lovely surprise when he called me the other day and said he wanted a copy each of all my books because he wanted to gift them to his daughter Cinderella who is studying medicine in China. I was rather surprised at this request - no one had ever asked me for all four books and that too for their children. Most seem to think I am a rather dangerous influence on their kids and some actively keep me away from their kids, so this was a huge moment for me. I said I will keep a set ready and he said he would come and pick them up.
Smile - Joel and I and my life work so far
I forgot about his request until he called me the other day and said he was coming down from Nagole to pick up the books. What! He was serious? I had to leave early so told him to come by 830. And come he did and picked up the books. We had a cup of chai, laughed about this and that, called Rajesh Chetty, another cricketer friend from All Saints. Rajesh asked me what Joel was doing at my place so early in the morning. I told him that Joel did what no one had done so far - come all this way to a set of my books for his daughter. Rajjesh said - you need one friend like that among a hundred. I fully agree. Joel - you did make me feel so happy my friend, with your gesture. Joel bought them all of course.
What a beautiful setting for a beautiful moment!
But then I suddenly realised that the last copy of TWIED that I had was now gone and wondered what to do. It did not seem appropriate that Joel's gift to Cindy should not have 'This Way Is Easier Dad' which is all about father-daughter conversations. I searched high and low and finally gave away my first copy of TWIED - something that I normally retain as mine. But Joel deserved it and so did Cindy and  I hope she enjoys reading them all. A priceless moment deserved another priceless return gesture.

In those few minutes of chatting I knew so much more about Joel than I had before. And then it was time for him to go. That's a memorable moment in my life for sure. Thanks Joel and good luck Cindy. 

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joel said...

Never knew this gesture was so valuable Hari. I am totally overwhelmed by your modesty and appreciation of my gesture.

By the way I am yet to read your writings since all your books are with my daughter in China.