Saturday, September 24, 2016

Anjali - Would You Buy Your Book?

While poring over the last draft of my next book 'This Way Is Easier, Dad - How My Daughter Saved Me From Growing Up', I heard Anjali's voice. 'Would you buy this book if you were in a book store Nanna? she asked.

That flummoxed me. 'I guess I would,' I replied unsurely.

'Because if you won't buy your book you can't expect others to buy it,' she said. 'So write it in such a way that you feel like buying it too. Then if you will buy it others will buy it too.'

'So what should I do now?' I asked.

'Go back and read the book and write it in such a way that you will feel like buying it yourself,' she said.

Hmm. Made sense.

'Why did you ask me this question?' I asked wondering if I gave something away in my demeanour.

'Nothing. I do the same with my exams papers. After I write all the answers I look at them again and see if they make sense to me. Then I make changes. If I don't understand them or find them interesting how will my teacher find it interesting?' she said.

Makes immense sense. I am writing for the reader anyway. It helps to establish connect if I laugh, cry or feel an aha, as I write because then the reader will connect as well. Big insight and a necessary question to ask for everyone who is selling something - what does the buyer want? Thanks Anjali.

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