Monday, September 19, 2016

Anjali - The 1.5 km Run

I cannot believe how she does it. It's some primal instinct to challenge herself - whatever happens.

Today I decided to increase my running quota to 1.5 km. Anjali decided to come with me - shoes and all.

'I am doing three rounds today,' I warned her.

'I will also do three rounds,' she said.

I told her to stop when she felt like and went off on the run. She ran alongside. Some distance into the run her lace came off. She stopped and tied it and came after me. Once again and again. Each time she stopped tied it and came after me.

The two rounds were over. I expected her to stop. She didn't. I could see her tiring but she just would not give up. As we went into the home stretch she pulled away and beat me by a clear 100 meter margin.

'I can do more,' she said when I finally dragged myself in.

I am sure she can. She is better at this than I am.


Braja said...

Kudos to you for instilling such good habits in your kids.

Sir, here is one link that I think you may want to read. Since I do not have your email address, posting this here.

Harimohan said...

Thanks Mr. Patnaik. I read your article. Very well written.