Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Charminar at 3 am - Ramzan Diaries

This time Vasu had some information that Shadab has some special delicacies that it serves only at 230 am and so popular is that fare that it gets sold out by 330 am or whatever. I wasn't as interested in the food as I was on visiting Charminar at 230 am so I gave him the thumbs up. Off we went in his Nano.
Alone in the crowd - appropriate caption on my T Shirt
The Nayapul bridge leading to Charminar was clogged so we decided to park on this side of the Musi and walk across. We parked at the back entrance of Osmania Hospital - it looked so majestic. Wonder what happened to our scale and vision as time went by.

The walk to Shadab was long and crowded. Once there we found that we were early. So we decided to jostle our way to Charminar which is great fun. You can't take a step without bumping into someone or the other. There are times when you just cannot walk. So we slip and slide, jump and hop, all the way through the street vendors selling a million things - shoes, crockery, clothes, food. We finally made it to Charminar and promptly turned back.
Find your way

Back at Shadaab at 3 am, the roads are packed with men, women, girls, boys and even some children - and at Shadaab we found many like us who were out to eat I guess - eating away through the sweaty insides of the restaurant but not willing to go away without the experience. Several of the IT types were there - slick cameras slung over their shoulders.
Our car parked near the Osmania General Hospital

Vasu did not find what he was looking for and the sight of those sweaty bodies turned me off food anyway so we had some falooda and a paan and jostled our way back.

Home by 4 with the morning milk.   

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