Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Indian consciousness and the cricket team

A team of eleven youngsters play. A billion emotions rise in hope. Then a billion hopes die. And then a billion people get angry that they have been let down. Why do they always do this? Is it money? Coach bought off? Sack the coach! Sack the captain! Sack the players! Sack the selection committee!
And then, we repeat all this all over again.

The Indian team reflects our consciousness. It is our punching bag with our faces on it. Look at it closely and you will see for yourself.
We can never forgive ourselves. We can never let ourselves and our team do better because then we will have to renounce our victimhood. And accept responsibility for who we are and what we do. If the team wins we cannot blame someone else then.
We cannot let our family have enough freedom to perform. If we did that we would be happy.
We would win.

It is not about the team. It is about ourselves. What can the will of eleven people do against the collective will of a billion people, who, under the guise of being supporters actually drag the team down. They have to drag the team down because it represents their own hopes that they are scared to fulfill. The team represents the billion who are scared to own responsibility, to actually get themselves to wholeheartedly say – yes, we are proud of you, we are one. We give you the freedom to be yourself.
But no, we have to be that draconian father we could never get approval from.

A team with the best names in world cricket, phenomenal players, names that represent honesty, commitment and integrity of the highest order – has always struggled. Against a current of deep rooted resentment, guilt and unforgiveness.

And then, a team of complete newcomers under a new skipper wins suddenly. Why?
Easy. The Indian consciousness took its foot off the pedal and relaxed for just a moment thinking that there’s no chance of winning. And guess what, the team won. Give yourself a break fellows. You don’t have to push yourself so hard to be victims. Give yourself a bit of freedom.
You will achieve. Easily and effortlessly.
And our team will take everyone to the cleaners as well.
Sania will win a Grand Slam. Karthikeyan the grand prix. Anand will be the undisputed grandmaster. And so many more.
Come on guys, cheer our own. Cheer yourself.
From the bottom of your heart.

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