Saturday, July 31, 2010

Half-Day Workshop for Young Cricketers

(St) Younus, Srikanth, Imran, Shreyan, Baig Saab, Raju, Furuan, Rayan, Harsha,  (Si) Abrar, Sai, Rohan, Parvez
Baig saab asked me to take a small workshop to work on the minds of his young wards. He has finally got a team of boys who are the same age and with good promise, and he makes them play for Vijay Hanuman, his team. They are a talented bunch and most have also made a guest appearance in the movie based on 'The Men Within' but they lost two close matches early on in this season.
We decided to tune them to the winning frequency by sharing some basic ideas about the champion mindset. I condensed my workshop to 6 worksheets and took them along to the Jaisimha Academy. We started the session at 845 am and finally wound up at 1130 am. The boys were made aware of the mindset of the champion, to analyse their strengths, to set clear goals, to plan to achieve the broken down goals, the importance of preparation and the ways of winners. We could only do about 5 sheets and had to hurry by the end because we were already late.
It was a good session with Rayan, Harsha, Karthik, Rohit, Imran, Sangram, Venkatesh, Aman, Deepak, Vikram, Srikkant Raju and Divjyot. Now to see whether the session has had any effect on the boys performance this week!

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