Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Couple of reader reviews of 'If You Love Someone' on the web

It was very nice to read a couple of reviews of 'If You Love Someone' on the net. One from a young reader, Shreyas, from Bangalore (who appears to be a friend of my niece, Prarthana). The other is from Rashmi, on asianfanfics. I shall reproduce an extract of what Shreyas wrote on his blog first.
Books that I read
This is probably the twentieth that I have attempted to write something on this blog. The nineteen previous times, I spent looking at the monitor with a complete blank expression waiting for something to miraculously appear on the screen. No luck so far.

One cn say I have made some use of the holidays so far. That makes a few extra hours spent at home even more tiresome to spend. Read quite a lot of novels since the exams, most of them begged, borrowed and stolen (then duly returned back of course!) Will try and summarize the few that were good.

1) The Palace of Illusions - Chitra Bannerjee Divakaruni...

Heard of "The Mistress of Spices"? the Aishwarya Rai starring English movie? The book was authored by this lady.
The Palace of Illusions is the Mahabharatha itself. The only change is this time, the story is being narrated by Draupadi. The narration is beautiful. Though somewhat blasphemous, it captures the more humane parts of the epic which I'm sure our grandparents conveniently forgot to tell us. Not a book recommended if you are a staunch believer of the devoutness of Draupadi. Truly, the Mahabharatha revolves around Draupadi. A book worth reading.

2) The Jeeves Omnibus - Pelham Grenville Wodehouse...

Amazing writer! Looking at his face you will never imagine that he is the kind who can make you execute a proper ROFL. His witticism coupled with an amazing sense of timing makes him one of a kind. Go read his books for a true feel of comic writing.

3)If you love someone... - Harimohan Paruvu...

The second book of the author. The first being "The Men Within". A short novel which is a love story with a difference. It is not the stereotypical teenage boy meets teenage girl - they fall in love - get married - lose interest in each other- finally love conquers all kind of story. A very refreshing take on love, life and sacrifice. A must read is you are a die hard romantic. (have always been amused by this phrase "die hard romantic", it sounds ironic)

The other review (more a lovely testimonial if I can call it that) is from Rashmi, Maine, India who can be found at the following link:
Personal Message
Well,hello friends my name is rashmi well my friends call me sunshine and i like to called by this name.i have completed my schooling this year and now i am in university. i am doing law,i have spend quiet a long period reading winglin and asianfanfics and now i am starting to write my stories.i hope you all will support me.thank you,love you all
About Me
about me hmm let me think
well i am 18 years old i am from india,and i love to read novels my favourite novel is if you love someone by harimohan paruvu and i love to paint, i am also quiet a good singer and i am a music freak.my hobbies are singing,reading,writing,driving,sleeping,shopping etc.

Thanks a ton Shreyas and Rashmi for the mention in your blogs. I hope you guys don't mind me using content from your pages. Good luck with your writing, education and all other passions you are pursuing.


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