Monday, February 19, 2018

Anjali - We Criticise Even When We Do Not Speak

'So Anjali,' I said as we were driving to her school. 'Today I decided I will not criticise anyone.'
She looked at me.

We both saw a taxi driver drive through a red light. I pursed my lips in jest. She knows that the traffic brings out the worst critic in me.

She looked at me and said 'You can criticise without saying a word also you know.'

I was stumped. How did she figure that out?

'How?' I asked. 'How do you sense that?'

'We can make out from their eyes, their body language, something...that we know they are judging us, criticising us. We can feel it.'

'Yes,' I agreed. 'I wonder why we do that though. Perhaps criticising others makes us feel better in comparison.'

Anjali was not too concerned about the why. It was enough that we do that.

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