Thursday, May 23, 2019

Eega - Movie

2012. One thing that got away. Ticked. V nice. I liked what Rajamouli said in an interview he gave after this - that he had understood the craft of telling a story and he could now tell it interestingly with a fly or a mosquito even. Interesting.

Sajarur Kanta - Movie

2015 version of the film based on a novel by Sharadindu Bandopadhyay. 3 hour long and pretty boring. In the end, it makes no sense and a lot of dots are left unconnected.


Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Sonar Kella - Movie

Satyajit Ray's classic. Lovely.

Sultan - Movie

Nice. Sports drama.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

The Sunday HANS column - The Commentators Selection Committee

The Commentators Selection Committee!

The Book Sharing Initiative - Sundar Nagar Colony

Secretary Govardhan garu is an open-minded man. When Anjali wanted to check if the colony Ganesha was a clay one and environmentally friendly he took her, removed the cloth and showed it to her and assured her that they will buy only environmentally friendly ones.

Last year, inspired by the idea at TEDx VNR VJIET to have a bookstall where the guests can pick any book of their choice and walk away - free, I proposed such an idea to him during some event. Govardhan garu readily agreed and gave me space. I put up some 15 books with a small poster that Anjali made that these books could be taken away. It was interesting to see how suspicious and wary people were (just like I was at TEDx VNR VJIET) that they could simply take away the books free of cost.

The idea was to make sharing simpler, easier and unconditional. Yesterday, Govardhan garu sent word to me - he had set up a permanent stall inside the colony office and had contributed 20 books. I loved the idea and gave some 15 books myself. The other office bearers could not get their head around it. They all started saying 'library' and who will take care of it etc until we finally said there was no control required. Take book and go. I picked up two books - Rich Dad, Poor Dad and a biography of Einstein.

They found it difficult to understand that. But I hope that some of our inhibitions and suspicions disappear with such sharing. Hopefully, at some point, we can make this initiative bigger and share other things as well.

The Matrix - Movie

Finally off the list. Man saving the world - the one - Neo. Good stuff and ahead of its times for 1999.