Saturday, March 24, 2012

Anjali - But You Must Love Everyone

When I tease Anjali these days with 'I love you so much and I love only you in this world' she gets pretty distressed at my obvious lack of understanding at how it all works. She comes by and tells me patiently that I must not love her alone.

'You must love everyone Nannna. Otherwise people won't love you.' And to drive home her point she says further. 'See, I love you but I love everybody else also na. I love Mamma, Mythily atta, Manasi, Chimu, Baba (and a long list) ...also. Like that you must also love everyone.'

I act like I got it and after a while again tell her that I love only her. Hands on her hips she is back. 'Arre, how many times should I tell you Nanna. You must love everyone.' You can tell by her concern that she really thinks I might lose out on this wisdom and remain unloved.

And so it is true. From the lips of a young lady to the wisest of the wise - we must love everyone to feel the love that binds us. To find peace and to find ourselves. Another of those fine lessons from Anjali to me.


Rajendra said...

Good one. Hope you understood!

Harimohan said...

Raja, Need to practice it first (without getting into trouble).