Friday, July 22, 2016

Nivedita N - Assisting Authors and Helping Them To Get Published

Nivedita N is a poet. Two collections of her poems are "Writing by the Window" and "Aerogramme and Other Poems". But that's only a small part of her introduction. 

Nivasini Publishers, A Not-For-Profit Organisation
Nivedita also writes, copy-edits and publishes for Nivasini Publishers, a publishing unit that she founded. Nivasini Publishers, a not-for-profit publishing house that believes "that words have the power to enrich and change society",  has published several books with lovely production values. Many superior publishers do not match its work.  The proceeds of the books are directed to Yamini Foundation that houses disabled children and Sphoorthi Foundation that houses homeless children. Wonderful work.

While doing all this, Nivedita is also busy organizing book events for new authors and poets to meet and engage in the primary goal of the publishing house, in the most unobtrusive of ways.
Me and Nivedita
A peek into how she thinks - at her events, the writer is celebrated and the reader is celebrated - in fact all stakeholders are celebrated equally. There are no Chief Guests - everyone is a Chief Guest. Now, that's how events shoud be.

Nivedita is also part of Blue which offers editorial and proof reading services.

Assisting New Authors to Get Them Published
Her creative pursuits aside, Nivedita works in an interesting area - assisting authors in their lonely journey of publishing. Its a growing number, new authors and authors who need assistance and they would do well to seek her help. Nivedita promises cost-effective solutions and combined with her expertise and warm and supportive disposition, authors would help immensely.  Writing the book is perhaps the easiest part one would think. To get some expert help in editing it and giving it more definite shape, highlighting strengths and leaving out weak aspects, is all the work a good editor can do. With a little help from a good editor, books can improve tremendously. 

Copy editing, Proposal and Synopses Writing
The process of proposal writing or simply, synopsis writing itself can be nightmarish for many authors. Sometimes a third person can do a better job at it - just as Cameron Diaz does the movie trailer work in 'Holiday' one can seek help to write a good synopsis and proposal. Also knowing the many options of getting published helps authors make up their mind about costs, vehicles and reach. 

Writing, copy-editing, proof reading and publishing apart, Nivedita also helps in writing book publishing proposals, synopses, and guides the author through the publishing maze – literary agents, self publishing, e publishing and conventional publishing. 

Knows Her Craft, Supportive and Practical
Having written for major print publications like The Hindu, Wow! Magazine (Hyderabad’s premier magazine); online portals, The Better India, Hill Post and for community blogs like The South Reports (now-defunct) run by Uma Sudhir and TS Sudhir  of NDTV, Nivedita knows her craft. As an editor she has proof-read books and copy-edited Nivasini Publishers and for Neesah Magazine - both of which she has founded and which bring out books with extremely high production values. 

In her copy-editing journey Nivedita has dealt with Poetry, Children’s literature, Novels, Young Adult Fiction, Short Stories, Nonfiction, Essays,  Travelogues and Memoirs. Some of the books she has edited are "Ah Poetry", "K2K Trip", "Little Friend", "Celebrating India", "Family Matters", "Restless Fingers", "Voices of Silent Creek" etc. Currently Nivedita is working on "The Girl from Jalandhar". 

Having seen her work and having met her, I know she will deliver the goods - and some more.  Poets and writers who wish to interact with her aside, authors in need of some cost-effective and good editing and allied services, can contact Nivedita at

More information about Nivedita 

About Blue Stencil

Couple of testimonials
Nivedita was really helpful. She was always patient and supportive. She made the grammar perfect. She was quick. It was a wonderful experience to have started my writing career with her. - S, Writer

Nivedita has been truly a literary agent kind of a person. She helped with submission guidelines for publishers and what the best when the book is ready. - K, Novelist

Good luck Nivedita and keep up the good work!


Sunil said...

You just gave me the info I was looking for :)...

Harimohan said...

Hey Sunil, do get in touch with Nivedita. And good luck with the book(s). Get it out now!

Rajesh said...

Nivedita was instrumental in bringing out our first book, Lakdi Ka Pul, last year. Her passion for publishing coupled with her amazing temperament makes her a rare individual in this field. She is our Hero.-Rajesh, Twin City Poetry Club

Harimohan said...

Thanks Rajesh. Nivedita is indeed the perfect person to approach for help and guidance in the uncertain, lonely world of writing. What she does and the way she does it truly makes her a hero. :)
Thanks for sharing.